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Sophian Perspectives On Social Justice

Sophia Ministries: A Chartered Ministry of the Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch

Online Courses are given by Reverend Mary through Sophia Divinity School, Continuing Education 


Spring 2019- Blessed are YOU the peacemaker- watch for more information here

Summer  2019

The first course of Mystics as Mentors 1 will be given  in the spring of 2019. The  men and women chosen for this first study are not traditionally labeled “Mystics”, but truly are those who bear “witnesses to a higher consciousness ” I have chosen to journey with 6 wisdom teachers: Master Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Paul, St Thomas, John the “beloved disciple,”  and Mary Magdalene, to listen carefully to the mystical message beneath their sayings, and examine the esoteric paths and practices that they carefully lay out for us to follow so as to initiate our radical transformation of consciousness.  We will look at the Beatitudes of Jesus as paths to unitive consciousness and examine his parables as koans which break open our limited consciousness so as to receive higher learning of inner transformation.

St. Paul will introduce us to the evolving Cosmic Christ consciousness and demonstrate how the dialectic approach to teaching can resolve the dilemmas presented by dualistic thinking.The Gospel of Thomas reveals to us to a remarkable six step transformative experience that one undergoes when entering the force-field of the divine.The beloved disciple, John captures that higher process-oriented metaphysic of the spirit-matter mystery and lays the groundwork for the leap in consciousness to the integral stage.

Next, we examine Mary Magdalene in the non-canonical Gospels of Mary, of Thomas and of Philip in which we see her as "apostle to the apostles” explaining and exemplifying the “single-minded” nature of the inner work of transformation as “kenosis” or self emptying which is the very process of creation itself. Finally we will look at Lady Mary (Mother Mary) as a woman with a prophetic spirit who serves as a linchpin to "call down the fire" of the Holy Spirit. It is through her that the Holy Spirit is revealed to the Church and to all Nations.

Fall 2019

Mystics as Mentors: The Evolution of Three Mystical Traditions during the First Millennium- The Christian Mystics, The Sufis and The Kabbalists.  This is the second in a series of courses in the Mystics as Mentors series, and will focus on mystics in the Abrahamic tradition of the first millennium.  In "Mystics as Mentors 2" we are following the evolution of Three Mystical Traditions through the First Millennium- The Christian Mystics, The Sufis and The Kabbalists, focusing on the essential inter-connectedness of their spiritual paths and practices for the journey to the Divine. This is truly an “inter-spiritual” quest relevant to all seekers of the Beloved today, and ties in beautifully with the emerging “new monasticism” movement of the 21st century. Please join us for whirlwind tour through the Contemplative Desert Fathers and Mothers including the first Sufi Mystic saint, Rabia, to the monasteries of St. Benedict, and St. Francis where social justice issues underpin all of their actions, to the nature mystics of the Celtic tradition such as St. Brigit of Kildare, and Pelagius, to the Jewish “journey practices” of Merkabah and Kabbalah,  and then follow the Sufi call of the heart in Ibn Arabi and Rumi.  It will be a wonderful adventure. 

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