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Sophian Perspectives On Social Justice

Sophia Ministries: A Chartered Ministry of the Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch

Living in a secular world presents daily challenges for individuals and families. There are times of great joy, times of sorrow, and times of "drifting" when our very faith in God and goodness are challenged. We simply can't find meaning in the events in our lives or find purpose in our own lives. The following might serve as pointers for you to better celebrate the good times and cope with the rough ones. I have listed those "mentors" websites which I have found helpful in my daily life.  

Centers for Action and Contemplation -- Fr. Richard Rohr--

The Contemplative Way -- Dr. James Finley-- info on Thomas Merton--

The Contemplative Society-- Rev  Cynthia Bourgeault--

Centers for Spiritual Living


Integral Life--

Progressive Christianity