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Sophian Perspectives

Sophia Ministries: A Chartered Ministry of the Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch

Gatherings for Discussion and Reflection


 212 Augusta Rd  Edgefield, SC 29824


December 2014  Discussion Book: Falling Upward by Father Richard Rohr

January 2015 Discussion Video: Is there Another Way? Rohr, Bougeault, and Finley

February Discussion Book: Merton's Palace of Nowhere  Finley

March 2015  St. Paul, The Misunderstood Mystic  

April 2015-- video-- Rediscovering the Wisdom of Early Christianity

May 2015  What the Mystics Know: 7 Pathways to your Deeper Self   

June 2015  The Road to Character by David Brooks

July 2015   The Parliament of World Religions Update

August 2015  The "Francis Factor" -- an online event with Fr. Richard Rohr, and Sr. Ilia Delio

September 2015  New Seeds of Contemplation by Thomas Merton -  book discussion 

October 2015  After the Parliament of World Religions-- Views of Women ordination, climate change and interspiritually movements 

November 2015  Seeing through the lens of the heart- the contemplative approach of the late Beatrice Bruteau

December 2015-- Advent in Narnia-- seeing the wonder beneath